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Tablet Writing vs Laptop Writing

For Christmas, my boyfriend bought me a tablet. He found a tablet that had a word processor compatible with Microsoft Office and knew that it was the tablet for me.

At first, I was not entirely sure how much use a tablet would get. After all, I have a laptop and a desk top, plus plenty of notebooks and loose leaf paper. I could read on a tablet, true, but I also have bookshelves of literature and a nook with plenty of books on it, too. Really, I have a little bit of every electronic device one could want (without even trying to collect them all!) So, I tried it out.

The first discovery I made was at how nice a tablet is for watching movies. It has a perfect sized screen for laying in bed and I can hold it wherever I need it to lay comfortably.

More importantly, however, I discovered how nice it is to write on.

For the longest time, I adamantly stuck to hand writing everything first. However, when I started to consider the amount of time it took me to hand write something and THEN type it all out, I considered what I needed to do to make my writing process quicker.

I moved on to writing on my desk top or laptop and found it way too easy to move my mouse over to mozilla firefox and check facebook or my bank account or what books I wanted to get next.

Sure, this tablet has a browser, but what is nice about a new device is that you have not done anything on it yet.

Let me explain:

My boyfriend was nice enough to buy a tablet that has a detachable keyboard. I COULD check facebook easily. I COULD browse the web for books. BUT, I have not done either on my tablet. Why? Because I have not made it a habit. This tablet is a new device and if I make it habit to never do any of those things on this device, then it can become my writing device.

I wrote my last blog post on here. I’m writing this blog post on here. I listen to Pandora, watch Netflix occasionally, play chess, but I do not check Facebook and I don’t do everything else that normally distracts me from writing.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get distracted, but I am much less distracted since I have drawn parameters around what I will and will not access when I am on my tablet. Now, I just have to keep my will power up and keep writing daily as I have been since I was given this perfect gift.

Let’s keep these little writing discoveries coming!

  1. December 30, 2012 at 5:06 PM

    Try as I might (I have an iPad 1 and a nexus 7) I can’t get into the writing thing on the tablet. Probably my age and horrible typing :>)
    Your post is interesting as I normally assume tablets are for consuming content; not creating it. I will have to rethink this…not as it pertains to me (old dog…new tricks, y’know), but as it does to others I work with.

    • December 30, 2012 at 7:05 PM

      I think you are right, mauriceabarry, about tablets regularly being used to consume content. But, I think tablets getting physical keyboards, and others having art apps, music apps, etc., I think tablets are moving more toward creative outlets, which is an interesting concept, as you pointed out.

      Thank you for the comment. I hadn’t thought about the comment consumption vs content creation on tablets. And, by the way, I’m sure you can learn new tricks, no matter how old you are! Flexible minds can accomplish things at any age! Have a great New Year!

  2. January 1, 2013 at 12:03 PM

    I like ipad, mine came last Christmas and strangely enough a new bit of technology with new things to learn – really helped me to branch out into all kinds of things never tried before, I think its a bit like having a break from painting with watercolurs and having a go with, say, pastels; stimulating.

  3. ALittleBirdie
    January 6, 2013 at 5:23 AM

    Yes, distraction! I love that that’s where you took this post to, because it’s very true! Our culture is now dominated by the little distractions that make up our lives. There’s so much to do but we can’t seem to get it all done. A little facebook here, finding new tunes on Spotify over there, and the next thing you know, three hours have gone by and you still really need to study for your exam or finish that 10 page report. I just finished a blog on distraction and social media that is cleverly disguised as a blog about Parks&Rec. 🙂 Oh, what our lives have come to. 😛

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