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Attempts to Blog More

I don’t write enough in my journal and I don’t post enough on my blog, so I have decided to try combining the two…. I wrote this last night in my journal:
Juggling Life with a Job:

When I graduated, I looked forward to finally being able to have time to read, to write, to live. But, really, I have found myself in the same mess as I was in while at college: work consumes most of my time and when I am not working, I am too tired to do much except sit/lie around.

It’s not a good excuse. There is time to do the things I like. I’m just too tired to do them…too unmotivated. I would rather sit and think (an important activity for any introvert) than do much else.

On weekends, I try to be social, but then I lose valuable time I could use for reading and writing. I feel guilty toward The Brothers Karamazov because it has been a long time reading it. It is a great book: engaging, well-written/translated, entertaining….and yet, I haven’t completed it. I feel guilty that it is taking so long to get through the book.

My biggest issue, perhaps, is that I am not on a good, concrete schedule. I like schedules; they keep me organized. The fact that I do not have specific times to read, write, research, etc. likely contributes to the trouble I am having. On the other hand, a schedule takes the spontaneity out of life, and, as a young woman, I would like to allow myself to be more free than I have been otherwise.

Although I disliked my previous job, it did allow me to read more often, because, well, I had nothing else to do there. Now, I actually have work to do. All day. Which is not bad, but it drains me.

If I do what I am doing tonight at least three times a week, I can have a more active blog and a more active mind. On top of that, if I allow myself some time to read – dedicated reading time – I won’t feel guilty and my books won’t glare at me from my bookshelf.

This is more than a post-graduation issue. It’s something I believe all full-time workers grapple with. It’s all about time management now (it always has been, even before) and I just need to adjust and figure out what that means now.

Better to try something than allow my job to consume me.

Happy blogging! Happy living. 🙂

  1. November 4, 2012 at 11:54 AM

    Hang in there Sam! Life is where your ideas to write will come from, more so than all the reading you want to… One of these days, you will find yourself so gripped by something that comes to your mind in your full, busy life … That getting your thoughts down will just decide all your schedule for you. Keep going!

    • November 10, 2012 at 1:03 PM

      Thank you! Your comments always make me smile. It’s been a busy week of over-time, but you are right: ideas are coming to my mind more. I’m drowning in work, but for some reason, that helps my subconscious say something to my conscious and that leads to some interesting ideas!

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