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Taking My Grip Off My Story

I’m taking a break from my confusing quarter life crisis to actually focus on a few things that will never change: my love of writing, my love of thinking, and my love of reading.

I worked on and finished a story this summer, a story which I had my brother read, I submitted to Asimov’s, had rejected from Asimov’s, and re-submitted elsewhere.

After the Asimov’s rejection, I was sad, but not deterred. What I actually began to consider was perhaps I didn’t polish it enough.

Let me explain. I feel good about this story… better than I’ve felt about any other story. BUT, I also rushed the end (a bad tendency of mine). I revised the end on the advise of my brother.

So, I got to thinking, maybe I need to let other people see this dingus. Therefore, I went ahead and asked my boyfriend and my friend to read it.

If you are a secretive writer like I am, then you understand how BIG of a deal this is. It is huge. I am allowing two other people to look at this story. People who are close to me (I’m better at letting strangers into my world than I am at letting the closest people in my life in on my writing world).

So, my friend has more time on his hands than my boyfriend and he read it.

“The idea was good. The writing was good. But, the ending was rushed and some of the dialogue could use some work.”

This was helpful in that I have always suspected/somewhat known that dialogue and endings are my weakness. I’ve tried to work on these things, but now I know I need to work on them even more.

“There’s a lot you can do with it,” he said. “I think you can really do something amazing with it if you expand on everything.”

Writers love hearing this. It’s much more exciting than hearing, “Well, you really could use a little trimming.”

So, I started thinking back to my numerous creative writing classes and I recalled, on a number of occasions, being told that one or another of my short stories could use more expanding on: as in, it should be longer.

A new thought has taken hold of my brain: what if I shouldn’t be writing short stories, but I should be working toward novelettes, novellas, novels? I have certainly read many more of these types than I have read short stories. And, I certainly understand the pacing of a longer tale than I do of a shorter one.

I took the grip off my story and released it to other people and now I think it’s helping me more than ever to form my writing identity. I just need to give it more time.


  1. October 21, 2012 at 8:41 AM

    That’s the spirit…keep perserveting. 🐢

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