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One Beautiful Blogger Award

I’ve been off for a little while (mostly due to beginning my new job and taking a nice, extended weekend to Maine). As my first attempt to do a little catch up, I wanted to thank Liamodell1 for nominating me for a Beautiful Blogger Award. Although I am not entirely sure what the qualifications for such an award were, I still am thankful to know that Liamodell found my blog to be interesting/beautiful enough to share with his/her followers. I’m going to break the rules of the award a little, though. According to Liamodell’s post, the first rule is to thank the person who nominated you. Check. Second, list seven random things about yourself (which I will do), and third, nominate 15 other bloggers. I will not be formally nominating any bloggers, but I will be listing a couple of blogs I follow and find particularly interesting.

Seven Random Things about Yours Truly, the Blogger of Split Book Binding:

  1. I like dress jackets.
  2. One of the few things that gets me excited enough to squeal: a pile of books.
  3. I am interested in other languages even though I fail horribly when I try to speak them (sorry, French, I butchered you in high school).
  4. Science fiction which could be called social science fiction (sci fi that considers political, social, ect. issues/implications) make me think more than a good literary novel does. Don’t ask me why. However, my Russian novels are finally tickling my brain more than other literature.
  5. I despised reading until I was in fifth grade. Then, I read Hatchet and, not only did I pretend to hate it, but I also hid under the table in class during reading time so my teacher wouldn’t see me absolutely devouring the book.
  6. I also used to hate the outdoors. Well, not so much hate as avoid. Actually, as a child I loved the outdoors, then moved away from it as a teenager. Now, I find myself gravitating to the outdoors more and more. Thanks, Emerson and Thoreau (not really).
  7. As most of my readers know, I miss school, but one subject (outside the obvious: English) that I miss terribly is Latin. I have a nice book of Latin poetry next to my bed that I have been meaning to read, dissect, and translate. Alas, there is only so much time in one day.

Blogs I Keep My Eye On:

  1. Terribly Write: Not only is this blog informative (it helps with grammar and the like), but it is incredibly funny to keep an eye on the Yahoo! headlines that Terribly Write uses as examples daily.
  2. A Year of Reading the World: Although I haven’t been able to keep up on every post, the blog is interesting in that the blogger is reading books from every country. Not only is her mission ambitious, but it is admirable. In fact, I enjoy seeing what kinds of literature she has run across as well as what sorts of connections she finds to the country’s culture.
  3. Frame Tale: One of the very first blogs I began to follow, Frame Tale tickles the literary side of me. It also tickles the learning side of me. I like that Kate discusses issues in writing and reading. Very interesting if you like more complex posts.
  4. Cristian Mihai: I am pretty sure everyone and their mother, aunt, and second cousin follow Cristian Mihai, but if you don’t, I would suggest checking his blog out…especially if you enjoy reading posts about writing and publishing. Well-written and well thought out posts.

I follow plenty of other blogs, but these four pop up in my feed most often and tend to catch my eye every time. Take a look and enjoy. Thank you again to Liamodell1 for nominating me for a Beautiful Blogger Award and I hope no one is too offended that I bent the rules. More to come this week! I have much to say about my new job, more post-graduation ponderings, and a couple book-related musings.

Happy blogging!

  1. September 20, 2012 at 2:40 AM

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂 I don’t think you did broke the rules, I did that myself!

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