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Defending Orwell

For the capstone seminar class my final semester of college, I wrote a biography (in Dictionary of Literary Biography format) about George Orwell. Since then, I keep seeing blogs, articles, etc. exclaiming that The Hunger Games is “Orwellian.” I am inclined to believe this to be an over-reaching over-statement, trying to compare writing that is likely mediocre to writing that is well-done.

You can’t compare a man who influenced the English language to an author who is merely a modern craze. However, I can’t say any of this definitively.

So, I am seriously considering reading the first Hunger Games book to see just what is so “Orwellian” about it, if anything. It actually makes me slightly sick to consider that I will be reading it, which makes me disappointed that I have become one of the book snobs I have always disliked.

Maybe I am a book snob. Maybe finishing a degree in English and breathing Russian literature has made me into some sort of book snob. All the more reason to challenge myself and read The Hunger Games in an attempt to defend Orwell.

Wish me luck. I will write a post about what I think after I get through it. I want (for Orwell’s sake) the critics to be wrong, like they tend to be.

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