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The Back and Forth Anxiety

A while back, I wrote about my brother reading through a short story I had been working on. After taking his critiques and going through the whole thing myself and editing, I submitted it to a magazine. At first, I felt confident that this story would be the story, the one that was actually good enough to make it. And, a couple times since then, I have thought similarly. However, I have also begun to wonder if it was ready or if it’s even good enough, interesting enough, etc. Of course, the submission process takes weeks and I may not know one way or the other if it’s good enough.

This was the first short story I actually nursed and took care of and believed in, so I want badly to believe it will be the one I’ve been waiting for. On the other side, I also fear that I didn’t nurse it enough. How much care toward a short story is enough? Can there ever be a definitive range in which you take care of a piece of fiction?

I’m not sure of anything except that this back and forth anxiety has me questioning this short story that I felt so confident about before….


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