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I’m Sorry, Kissing Ass Wasn’t a College Requirement

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been very unhappy with my first “real” job outside of college.  Well, last Friday, I took a leap and I broke up with my receptionist/legal assistant job at the small firm I was working at by putting my two week’s notice in.

It appears not only was this a good decision, it was likely the best decision. Before I go into the aftermath of my two week’s notice, I want to recap some reasons this place wasn’t working for me:

  • I had a gut feeling that it wasn’t for me. Sure enough, not only did I dislike almost every minute I was there, but everything that was handed to me required zero brain work….that’s a problem.
  • I wasn’t trained to do much. The office has no training program, so instead of being taught to do anything, I was forced to sit all day at the desk, doing nothing but answer phones and occasionally enter a few things into a template letter.
  • When the second receptionist/legal assistant started, she did not share duties with me. I did everything.
  • A week after the other receptionist/legal assistant started, one of the legal assistant’s announced he would be leaving. He told me he expected me to get his job. I didn’t. The other girl did.
  • The new girl was trained. Again, I sat there and was not. This was a HUGE problem, especially since I had been there longer.
  • There are two partners at the firm and one announced she would be going to a new firm and took her assistant with her. In addition to this, the office appeared, to me, to be poorly run.

So, all this lead up to me leaving. I especially had a problem with not being trained. I didn’t take this job to be a mindless receptionist who only answers phones and copies things. I’m ambitious, I would like to learn skills that will help me in the long run. This job did nothing for me.

When I gave my two week’s notice, the main lawyer of the office thought I was leaving because it was too hard. I really wanted to laugh. I told him it wasn’t hard, that I was bored and that wasn’t for me. I still think he thinks the job was too hard. This wasn’t even the first thing that made me think “wow, I truly made the best decision in leaving.”

Please note: I do not know for certain that all these things are true, but, having heard similar things from multiple people, I am inclined to believe there is truth in what they say. The day I put in my two week’s, a co-worker talked about how the office has been a revolving door–that the boss tended to hire girls who looked nice, but didn’t necessarily have skills. I’m not the greatest looking girl, but I could see how someone might view me as a young, attractive, recent college grad. Needless to say, this peeved me. I don’t want a job where I’m just supposed to look nice. Then, a different co-worker tells me that every girl before me has left that job, because the position is boring. She said that some of the girls were like me, too ambitious to not be trained. Others, she said, were perfect for the job: content to do nothing and just answer phones. But those ones, she said, were “let go” because they didn’t show interest in learning. So, because I showed interest, I was being kept. But, I left in the end anyway. When the previous partner came back to pick a few things up, she took me outside and told me to let her know if I ever needed a reference. She said it was smart of me to leave, because I would not have moved from that position for a long time. She said it’s a bad position for a recent college grad. She also told me that she told the other partner that I should have taken the vacant legal assistant position, and that he didn’t agree to it. She thinks I didn’t kiss his ass enough.

Excuse me? I am NOT an ass kisser, so anyone who requires a certain amount of ass kissing to get a promotion will be sorely mistaken when they expect to get that from me. I didn’t go to school (hell, I don’t still want to go to school) just to work my way up by kissing someone’s ass.

Maybe the other girl kissed his ass enough (just enough to out-do me) and got the assistant job. It doesn’t matter anyway, because, after a week, the other girl told the lawyer she couldn’t handle being the assistant, so they are looking for a new assistant. But, she won’t be reception either (a consolation prize, maybe). Needless to say, yet again, that I am very glad to be done. One more week.

By the way, the other partner wasn’t the only one happy to know I was leaving. Everyone was. They all said I deserved better….That I am to smart to be sitting at the front desk all day.

At least someone saw that, even if it wasn’t the big boss.

On to the next!

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