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Finding Time with a Job & How the Job is Going

Initially, I was afraid to get a job after graduation (mostly because I was enjoying my free time, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts. However, after one week of work, I think I can handle this.

What I’ve done is wake up early (I don’t have to be into work until 8:15). In the morning, I work out (since later in the day would be difficult), I eat, shower, and write a little. I then work, obviously, but I have a one hour lunch break, which I use to read. Sometimes, things in the office are going slow, and I’m allowed to read at my desk as long as I watch for visitors and answer phone calls. When I get home in the evening, I eat dinner, and read more or write, depending on how I am feeling. But, every day I try to get at least 500 words of writing in.

This is my first weekend where I have been employed, so I am using it as a relaxation time. I have read and written both days, at least for a little bit. And I allowed myself to sleep in, which has given me some much needed energy. I’m glad to say that there is time, as long as I schedule the time for myself. 

On the job front, I am also happy to report that college somewhat prepared me for what I am doing. As a refresher, I am now working at a law office where I will fill the roll of a receptionist/paralegal. At the moment, I am mostly doing receptionist work until they find time to train me. However, a second woman will be starting in a month and we will share the receptionist desk duties, so I will have more time to focus on paralegal work.

General work duties, such as phone, copier, scanning, etc. are things I learned in previous positions elsewhere. But, letter writing (which I preformed extensively at my local Congressman’s office as an internship) and projects are utilizing skills which my degree prepared me with. For instance, I have a minor in professional writing (mostly because I realized I met the requirements during my final semester) and some of the courses I took prepared me to do different types of writing for different settings. As such, in the office, I have written to coworkers via email, I have created letters using templates, which were sent out on letterhead, and I have written emails for one of the law partners, which he dictated to me, and I fixed up with proper punctuation and such. The projects I’ve had so far have been fairly simple, but some have required some research, which I enjoyed and perfected throughout college.

It’s pleasing to know that my degree was not useless, and I am glad to be given a chance to work at a law office (apparently, 150 people applied) based on my education (go, English degree!) and some of my work experience. 

I still think about school every day, and wonder if/when/and for what I will go to graduate school for. I miss my literature courses.

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