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How I Got My Job

I promised that I would write a quick blog about how I went about getting a job. Obviously, the area I live in will differ from yours, and therefore may have more/less/different job offerings. However, a couple things helped keep me afloat while searching for a job.

  1. Apply Early: I started applying for jobs a month and a half before I graduated. This helped me get a feel for what was out there as well as hone my cover letter skills for when I graduated. In fact, the job I have now was a job I applied for before graduation.
  2. Apply Often: I looked for at least 30 minutes a day. Sometimes I wouldn’t find anything new, but other times I would find five jobs worth applying for, and I would bang those out that day. Some days, I spent more than an hour looking through various websites. Some websites I used included the normal job search engines (Monster, Indeed, USA Jobs, America’s Job Exchange, my state’s Department of Labor website, my nearby town’s Chamber of Commerce website, my local newspapers’ websites, my local region’s job website, as well as a couple companies’ websites I had an eye on).
  3. The Worst They Can Say is “No”: There were a couple jobs that I applied for which I was not entirely qualified for, but I applied for them anyway. Sometimes company’s look for less experienced workers in order to tailor them to their needs. It’s easier to make a habit than break a bad habit. My mother, who used to work in Human Resources, told me that her company rarely wrote off a recent college grad applicant, because graduating college showed that someone could commit to something for four years. The job I have now wanted more office experience than I had, but they were still willing to look at me.
  4. Show Someone Your Resume: I did this as a part of a course I took, but I think it would be beneficial outside the classroom. Give your resume to classmates, professors, your college career development office, your family, etc., and ask them to give you any criticism. The might catch proofreading errors, they might suggest adding or taking away something, and they may suggest flipping a few things around. It doesn’t hurt to get feedback, especially since the resume is often one of the first things an employer looks at.
  5. Interview with Enthusiasm: I interviewed four times after graduation (three for the job I currently have). When I interviewed, I tried to loosen up because I am quite introverted. I took a quick moment to think about the question they asked me, and answered thoughtfully. When I was asked questions about my experience, I told them exactly what I have done and didn’t embellish or lie. And when they asked if I had done something, I resisted the urge to say I had when I hadn’t. Bring out your best personality when you interview.
  6. Be Persistent: I didn’t do this step, but I was close to trying it. When you apply for a job, if you haven’t heard back in a couple weeks, call the employer. Ask them if the position is still open and when to expect a call for an interview. The office that hired me took more than a month to call me in for an interview (I found out that it was because they received 150 applications).

My best advice is to not give up or get discouraged. When I started worrying about the fact that no one had called, I reminded myself that I had all this free time to enjoy. I read, wrote, watched movies, etc….Things that I hadn’t been able to do as much while in college. So, enjoy those things while you have unlimited time to enjoy them, but never neglect to look through some job websites for jobs, because you never know when the one will pop up.

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