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The First Real Possibility of a Job

Over the past two weeks, I have interviewed twice at a law office near where I live. The first time, the interview lasted a mere ten minutes, and although I felt that the interviewer liked me, I wondered if the amount of time he spent questioning me indicated that the interview hadn’t gone as well as I had felt. After all, I have had longer interviews at previous jobs (in retail, especially, where some of my interviews have gone on for quite some time).

However, the following week (last week), the secretary called me again and set up a second interview, this time with on the law partners. When I arrived, I met with another member of the office first who told me a little bit about how she came to work there and how the office worked. Both stories made me feel much more comfortable and more excited about the job opportunity.

When she went to get the partner, I was still feeling much more comfortable, and actually slightly more spunky than normal (which is great considering I am fairly introverted). The partner came in, I shook his hand, we sat down, and he explained that he was embarrassed that he hadn’t yet looked at my resume. He told me to tell him a little about myself while he perused at a few things on the resume before him.

So, I told him what I generally tell everyone: I recently graduated with my B.S. in English and minors in both creative and professional writing. I am still looking for what I want to do with my life and want to explore my many interests to find my passions. Law is one of my interests, and an opportunity to find out if the environment makes me passionate would allow me to explore this interest further. I enjoy writing, hence my two minors, and I feel confident that I can learn how to write in any setting and for any situation.

He liked that. He asked about a few lines on my resume and I explained them briefly while adding spunky quips here and there. I’m not like that around strangers, I tend not to feel comfortable enough to say spunky lines, but I continued to do this the entire interview.

Again, the entire time I spent in the office wasn’t long. Perhaps thirty minutes. So, I left again wondering if I had made a strong enough impression during the short period of time I was there.

Apparently I had because on Friday I received a call from the partner asking me to come in for yet a third interview. Since graduating, my interviews have never reached three in one office, nor have they reached two. I feel like this is the first real possibility at a job with my degree. It both excites and terrifies me.

I look forward to seeing where this goes!

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