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Finding My Writing Groove

Since I am still searching for a job and enjoying the free time that I have, I have been doing as much as I can with two of my greatest passions: writing and reading. I will get to reading later, because, today, I am mostly focused on my writing.

Last night, I sort of had a breakthrough in a plot issue I had been pondering for my current short story. My breakthrough is helping the story along (I was trying to write without a plan, which actually semi worked for me). Now, this short story has been marinating in my head for a few months. Why? Because college gave me more than enough to write, so I rarely had time to put anything creative down on paper. However, I am trying to make up for that.

I am a slow writer. Which is something I am trying to work on with my free time. Therefore, I am writing without going back and editing (a very bad habit of mine). It seems to be working. Although I am still writing slowly, I am writing more than normal. My other completed short stories (which, in no way, are ready to face the world) have been half the length of my current WIP.

How did I get here? Well, I have been experimenting with different ways of finding my groove. During my final semester (in the spring), I finally discovered that I work best in the morning. Therefore, I now get up fairly early (I’m still enjoying sleeping in while I can). After breakfast, I sit myself at my computer and write. Today, I did something slightly different.

Normally, I have a few webpages up for when I need a quick mental break. This has turned out to be a bad way to write because my quick mental breaks turn into longer web surfing episodes. So, today, I kept a single window open for my music. I quickly (for me) banged out 1,000 words. It isn’t much, but it is more than I can normally get done in the same amount of time.

I’m going to continue playing around with my writing habits. Hopefully, by the time I get a job, I will have a nice schedule or plan down that I can follow and keep up with my writing.

If I get too distracted, I think I may try going back to free-hand sometimes. Free-hand usually works when I have writer’s block and I could see how it might help me when I am too distracted by the internet.

How does everyone else make sure they write? Any suggestions?

  1. June 25, 2012 at 11:48 AM

    Take a break, is what I recommend, forcing yourself to write will not produce much good. Take a break, have a look around and inspiration is bound to find your way. Happy Writing!

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